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Bangladeshi 5 Best Domain Hosting Company & all information will discuss in detail. About 5 Bangladeshi domain hosting companies and their services. Everyone who blogs or has a website is familiar with domain hosting. You can never develop a website without domain-hosting. So today I will give you some accurate information about domain-hosting and tell you in detail about the top 5 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh.

What is a domain?

If I were to tell you the simplest way, domain means the name of your website. For example, here techbiggan is the domain name and .com is the extension of your domain. There are different types of domain extensions such as .com, .net, .info, .zyz

What is hosting?

Hosting is a space server. Through which your website will be active and all your information on that server i.e. all the content of your web site, image, everything including user information.

Top five domain hosting companies in Bangladesh:

  Since domain-hosting is very important for websites, we need to think carefully when buying domain-hosting. So now I will introduce you to the top 5 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh.

Diana Host:

Dianahost Hosting Company is one of the best hosting companies in Bangladesh. They have been running an online domain hosting service for over four years. Their service quality is very good. You can buy your domain hosting by developing Diana Host. If you leave a message on their page or support, they will easily fix any problem you have. So I will tell you that you must use Diana Host to buy domain hosting.

Site link: Link


Web host BD has been providing domain hosting services for over 8 years. You can buy domain hosting from them if you want. The service quality of web host BD is very good. You can take all the help from them if you want or you can fix all the problems of your site by yourself by watching the video on their own youtube channel.

Alfa Net:

If you want you can buy your domain hosting from Alpha Net. It is a trusted domain hosting company. This site has been providing domain hosting services in Bangladesh for many years.

Site link: Link

Dhaka Web Host:

Over 9 years Dhaka Web Host has been providing domain hosting services for . Dhaka Web Host is a trusted domain hosting service platform. Their service quality is very good and they solve all kinds of problems of the client all the time.

Site link: Link

Hosting Bangladesh (Hosting Banladesh):

You can use Hosting Bangladesh for hosting your domain. Hosting Bangladesh will give you the best service for hosting your website domain. You will get all kinds of services 24 hours a day from his side. Site link: Link


You have to decide your website. So before buying domain hosting for your website, check the details of the website from which you want to buy your domain hosting. Because for all the security of your website you have to choose from the best hosting company.

If you use a domain hosting company, all the information and information on your site will be safe. Apart from this, since the speed of your site depends on the domain and hosting, you must keep that in mind. However, in my opinion, these are 5 Bangladeshi domain hosting companies.

Last word:

We try our best to show you the right sites. In order for you to choose the best site, we have presented the top five sites in front of you. Now you have to choose from these sites and use it from your best site. You have to keep in mind that domain-hosting is very important, so you must fix everything first. This is because if you have any problems after buying domain hosting, you will have to pay compensation later.

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