4 Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Best Video Editing Software: When it comes to working with video content on YouTube or Facebook pages, we definitely need a Video Editing Software. Because we can't shoot or record videos and upload them to YouTube or Facebook at the same time. Before uploading, the videos need to be edited, cut and made beautiful.

So, many newcomers come to work with video content, many are in tension, how to edit the video, which tool would be best to use; With all this. This post is basically for them. In this post we will learn more about the best 4 Video Editing Software. At the very end of the post, I will tell you which tool would be best for beginners. Let's get started then.

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Top 4 Video Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Premier Pro is the best video editing software of the famous Adobe company. It would not be wrong to call it the king of video editing tools. Everything from YouTube videos, Facebook videos, dramas, series to Hollywood-Bollywood movies to professional videos in the world are edited with this Adobe Premiere Pro. Like all other Adobe PC software, it is a premium / paid software.

If you can master the work of Adobe Premiere Pro, then you can do video editing only for your YouTube channel or Facebook page, but no, you can earn millions of rupees a month by doing video editing work in different production houses or big companies. [Let me give you a light idea: Bangladeshi production companies pay an average of 20-25 thousand rupees for editing a 5-6 minute music video.

For a 40-50 minute drama, it costs an average of around Rs 70,000 - Rs 1 lakh.] This software is a bit heavy [large size], so you will need a high configuration desktop or laptop to work smoothly.


Advanced level premium video editing software like Camtesiao Premier Pro. However, in terms of quality, it is slightly lower than Premier Pro. However, once you become a Comtesia expert, you can use it to do high quality video editing. And you can earn a lot of money with editing service with Camtesia. Your PC's configuration must be of medium quality to work in Chemtasia. And the features of Camtesia are a bit easier than the Premier Pro.


Movavi is the easiest, lightest, beginner friendly premium video editing software. I have been working with Movavi for about 3 years. 99% of the videos on my own YouTube channel are edited with Movavi. In love with Movavi, I named it 'Poor Premier Pro'. Being a poor software, naturally its features are much less than Premium Pro or Comtesia and the quality is also a bit low.

But it can continue to work quite well as handy software. Movavi can try, without going crazy with Premier Pro or Comtesia in the beginning.


Those who do not have a desktop or laptop, they will not make videos, will not edit? Of course you will.KineMaster is the preferred name of PCless mobile users. It is not any PC software; Rather mobile app. KineMaster journey to bring video editing feeling to mobile users like PC. You can get both Kinemaster free version and Pro version in Google Play Store.

The free version does not have many features and the edited video remains the watermark of Kinmaster. That is why the pro versions is the best. Many people love Kinemaster so much that they use Kinemaster with simulator software on PC for editing! However, if you do not have a PC, there is no alternative to Kinemaster for video editing. And the editing quality of KineMaster is a lot like Kamtesia level! This is a best video editing software for beginners.

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day with video editor free. Come on in, take a look at the tools you should use if you are new to good video editor! Reading the post probably made sense to many; Even then I am writing again. You can start with Movavi if you are a beginner, because Movavi is very beginner-friendly, its features can be easily caught. And if you don't have a PC, Kinemaster has no choice but to get started.

I will end by saying an important thing. Those 4 best video editing software for beginners. This all are paid & free version are available. So you can use this video editing software free. Because paid version are very high price. 

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