Embolic stroke and all types of stroke symptoms and treatment

Embolic stroke is the result of a heart affected  condition. A common type of irregular heart beat is called Atrial -fibrillation.It can cause blood clots to develop in the heaet by travaling through the bloodstream and reached into the brain.this type of stroke occur nearly immediate by decrease oxygen supply in heart. 

The percentage of stroke injury and dangour is more than the percentage of stroke death.  There for, the peron who experiencing a stroke needs immediate emergency treatment . 

Stroke definition

The specific time when the brain's blood supply is poor or sudden death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen supply for blockage of blood flow or rupture of an artery to the brain is called stroke.     

Without oxygen supply brain cells and tissues become damaged and begins to  die within minutes.

Stroke symotoms                   

Symptoms of a stroke can  show suddenly in someones body. It occurs due to lack of  blood flow to the brain  damage tissues within the brain.  As soon as the person who stroke will get care, there outcome also be better.     

That's why, it's helpful to know the signs of a stroke so you can take action actively. 

Stroke symptoms are include:

  1. Feel difficulty in  speaking.
  2. Paralysis.
  3. Feel numbness and weakness in  the arm,  leg,  face and  specially on one side of  the body.
  4. Confusion.
  5. Vision problem  double vision or  vision loss or changes.
  6. confusion and trouble speaking or understanding speach.
  7. slurring speech.
  8. Feel  severe  sudden headache without reason.
  9. Happened facial droop on one side.

Stroke symptoms in women

Women stroke risk is  more than men. The ranking of death in U.S women stroke take the 4th  position. More of the stroke signs are as same as both men and women. Some are mainly  common in women,that's mostly occur in women.

Common stroke symptoms in women  are- 

1.Nausea and vomiting. 

2.Feel pain. 

3.Havind general weakness. 


5.weakness in  whole body.

6.Breath shortness. 

7.Feel fainting and losing consciousness. 


9.Less responsiveness and confusion. 

10.Changees in behavior ,  specially feel hagitation. 

In women stroke occur  more time  than men. Also women died from stroke mostly than men. So, it’s important to know about  stroke and being able to  identify  a stroke   as soon as possible. 

Learn more about signs of a stroke  in women.

Stroke symptoms in men

Men's  stroke  death take 5th  position in U.S death ranking. If men died from stroke  but it is less than  women. 

Some  stroke symptoms in men are  specific and mostly shows in men. These are-

1.Happend   faceial droop on one side or uneven smile. 

2.Difficulty in speaking and slurred speech. 

3.confusion and trouble   speaking or understanding speach. 

4.Weaknesses in arm or muscle on one side of the body. 


Every men needs to know the stroke symptoms in men and  take necessary step  for get a healthy life. 

Learn more about signs of a stroke in men. 

Stroke symptoms in a dog 

Not only men suffer and face a stroke, animal also suffer from stroke.  Dog is one of the favourite pet animal. Sometimes  it also attack by stroke. Dog can't say us but focusing it’s  behaviour and body condition  we can  understand, is it  attack by stroke? 

Some stroke symptoms in dog:   

1.They can't bearking like the natural time. 

2.Dog can't walk properly. 

3.If you call the dog, the dog can't response it.

4.Become more weak.

5.Dogs eye become  change. 

Focus on yuur lovely pet. If you recognize above  one or more stroke symptoms in  your dog  as soon as possible treat your dog. 

Learn more about signs of a stroke in dog

Signs of a stroke  

Now a days stroke become a fetal disease in whole  over the world. Both men and women suffer from stroke. Therefore,  every person need to know about signs of a stroke  to prevent a stroke.  The stroke is commonly heard    to people by heart stroke and brain stroke .     

Besides of this two stroke more other kinds of  stroke. Every stroke has some different signs . Below i share some signs of stroke.  Suvh as-

1.Suddenly patient feel numbness or weakness in arm,  muscle,  leg and specially on one side of  the body. 

2.Feel posterior circulation  stroke in brain. 

3.Imbalance condition. 

4.Unknown severe and headache. 

5.Feel nausea and  vomiting. 

6.Occur double vision problem. 

If i feel any kinds of signs of a stroke  i will act  FAST.                                                             The FAST test was discover in 1998 to help  by ambulance  in the U.K. for give treatment the stroke person immediately.    

This FAST test take the most common signs of  stroke  for understanding a stroke, and knowing this  FAST signs  any oerson can  recognize is the victim attack by  stroke. 

FAST test   

FAST test is one of the wonderful discover of medical sciecce. A stroke patient primary treatment or getting primary help from any person depends on FAST test. 

FAST test -

1. F=Face ; if Face one side is droops. It's a specific signs of a possible stroke.         

2. A=Arm ;if the person feel weak in arm  and cannot hold both arms out. It's another possible stroke signs.         

3. S = Speech ; poor understanding of simple sentences and slurring words. It is another possible stroke sign.             

4. T=  Time ; If any of the FAS  sign are positive in victim. Then It's time to call 911 immediately.

Knowing the warning signs of a stroke (FAST test) a person help a victim and make difference between  recovery and prevntion of a stroke. 

So, learn to think  and act FAST .                

Signs of a stroke in women 

Women are th alarming victim of  stroke.  Women is attack by stroke more than  men. So, every women  needs to know prevention and recovery  of  stroke must . Also women needs to know signs of stroke mostly occur in women. Such as -

1.Nausea and vomiting. 

2. Feel pain.

3.Having general weakness. 


5.Breath shortness. 

6.Weakness in whole body.     

7.check the victim condition by FAST test . 

Every women obviously needs two know to know the signs of a stroke in women for safe them from stroke. 

Signs of a stroke in men

It’s not that only a great part of women  attack by stroke. A large number of men  also become the victim of stroke.That's why men should know the signs of a stroke that mostly occur in them. Such as - 

1.Difficulty in speaking and slurred speech.

2.vision problem or  happend double vision.

3.weakness in arm, muscle one side of the body.

4.Confusion  and trouble speaking or understanding speach. 

5.Happend  faceial droop on one side or uneven smile. 

6.check the victim  condition by FASF test. 

Every Men have to know the signs of a stroke in men for   safe them from stroke to lead a healthy  life.

Signs of a stroke in dog   

Dog also attack by stroke like a person  by stroke. Checking  some  common signs anyone  can understand  is the dog victim of stroke? 

The signs are -

1.check the FAST  firstly. 

2.Recognize the dog's face condition and It's eye vision.

3.It’s body condition is damaged or can't walk properly. 

4.If dog can't bearking like the natural time. 

Comparing this problems, if one or more  signs be matched with your lovely dog give proper treatment. 

Types of stroke 

The stroke means can't flow  oxygen  and blood supply by artery in brain, heart or other part of body due to  blockage in artery. For spececifing  the organs of iur body the stroke types are below :

1.Ischemic stroke. 

2.Thrombotic stroke. 

3.Embolic stroke. 

4.Heart stroke. 

5.Brain stroke. 

6. Hemorrhagic stroke. 

7. Tntracerebral  stroke. 

8.Suberachnoid stroke. 

9. Mini -stroke (TIA).

All types of stroke details information  

It is no doubt that any time or any how, you or your family member will be the victim of this horrifying stroke. Without knowing stroke types, which stroke occur in which organ and what's recovery on treatment, your attacking time of pandemic stroke suffer you horribly. 

So types of stroke details information make you benifited make strong you in such a panic situation. 

Ischemic stroke                      

Above picture shows a Ct scan of an ischaemic stroke, which is greatly responsible for about 80% - 90% of all stroke. Ischaemic stroke is occur due to  that dicrease    blood flow to the brain. The clot may develop in the other part of the body. The clot may originate in the brain or blood vessel of the brain. 

According to CDC information 87% of stroke are ischemic stroke. 

Thrombotic stroke       

About half of stroke are thrombotic stroke.  

Thrombotic strokes occur when clots form in the brain due to a disease or damaged cerebral artery. Blood is blocked and  can't through by arteries because  of plaque due to atherosclerosis  breaking off and blocking a blood vessel. 

Embolic stroke 

In the case of embolic strokes the blood clot form occur  in an artery outside the brain often in heart or arteries of the upper chest or neck. 

Clots start in the heart and travel until they become lodged in an artery of the brain and the embolic stroke occur nearly immediate.

Embolic stroke  is  the result of a heart  condition. A common type of irregular heart beat  is called attrialfibrillation . It can cause and develop blood clots in the heart. By traveling through the blood stream it reached into the brain.  

Heart stroke 

When the stroke occur  because of blood flue of heart's artery and the blood walk through to the brain and blocked in the brain vessels because  of blood cloting.

This occuring   strokes starting place is heart and upper chest and neck. In heart stroke also feel discomfort  or include pain in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach. Besides breaking out in a cold sweat and feel nausea.the embolic stroke   and heart stroke occuring place and symptoms are same. There fore, heart strokes medical name is referred to embolic stroke.

So, a blood clot in an artery within the brain can cut off circulation to the brain . This can cause a stroke, when it occur due to blood supply from heart to brain and blocked in brain arteries. 

Brain stroke                              

In FAST test  for stroke "T" also means how longer time brain is blocked from it’s blood supply because of blood clot.

In a brain stroke the patient's diagonosis  and treatment of clot is usually within about 3 hours.also some clot busting drugs are used to remove the clot and restart blood flow. If bleeding accociated with brain stroke. Traetment  that other waise  It's may cause problems.

Brain stroke   is a leading cause of long term disability in people. 

 Difference between stroke and heart attack  

When the blood flow and oxygen supply is less then the natural condition of body. Headache, body pain, eye vision change, paralaysis, slurring speech etc. Shows in a persons body language than It's called stroke. 

If the heart is weak in blood  pumping because of any heart disease or blockage in heart arteries or  vessels that's  why  the oxygen supply and blood can't reached in the brain and in time brain tissues become damage or artery burst in brain, this condition is called heart attack.    

Hemorrhagic stroke  

This slide shows a hemorrhagic stroke using a MRI  image.   The circle damage  inside the brain  that shows a hemorrhagic stroke. One of a blood vessel of brain blast and blood escapes into the brain under pressure, compressing with other blood vessels and brain cells occurs damage and death. 

This bleeding into the brain is difficult to stop and It's fatal to brain and Occur brain stroke. According to american health Associations information about 13%  of stroke are hemorrhagic  stroke. 

Hamorrhagic stroke is two typer :



The word "intracerebral" means   "within the brain". Intarcerebral stroke caused by disease blood vessel blusting within the brain and damage the normal working condition of a brain. Intracerebral strokes are generally  occurred by high blood pressure.       

Subarachnoid stroke     

A Subarachnoid hommorage means the condition of brain in which bleeding immediately and blood

Stroke Alaming signs or mini- stroke shows some symptoms. These are- 

1. Facial droop

2.Vision loss or double vision. 




 Mini - stroke treatment 

Minib- stroke is the alarming news for futures major stroke. Medication -  life style change,changes in food habit, take tproper treatment and possibly surgery if needed to reduce the chances of another stroke occuring. 

According to CDC information -  more than one third   of people who has TIAs experiance,  ignore mini-stroke  and Don't take proper treatment have met witth a major stroke within a year. 

About 10-15%  of who experiencing a TIA have a major stroke within 3 month.

Need to understand TIAs and being concious to prevent a serious stroke in Future.

 Stroke causes 

Stroke occur because of blockage in vessels or blood clot in artery. Some other disease and body condition is responsible for stroke. 

The main cause of occuring a stroke are -

1.High blood pressure (hypertension).

2.High chelosterol level.

3.Smoking and drinking.


 Transient ischemic attack (TIA) 

A trancsient  ischaemic attack should be considered as an emergency  because the is no one who granted a gurantee that the situation will resolve itself and function will overcome easily without the help of medical intervention. 

Within 24 hours all TIAs resolve. But a stroke take longer to resolve than TIAs and with stroke. TIAs stable for a few minutes, it can occur multiple time in a day and at last happend a major stroke. 

TIAs often make serious problem like bodies complite function may never recovry and reflect  a parmenent and serious problem.

TIAs is a short live episode( less than 24 hours) that make temporary impairment of brain function,  caused by loss of blood supply. It occur thrombosis. Also TIA is named " mini - stroke " in.many people. TIAs devolop bouth slowly and rapidly within 24 hours. So,  take treatment after TIAs to prevent a major future stroke. 

 Can tress cause a stroke      

Stroke mostly depends on  life style and mental condition. The time when  a person being mentally depressed , causing a stroke  percentage increase that time. 

Tress is like a curse for a stroke. Overcome a dipression, stay happy and fresh minded to remove the horriblity to be a victim of a stroke because of tress. 

What is a pre- stroke  

Pre -stroke is a stroke that is occur befoure a major stroke. Pre -stroke occurs for a few minitues. It can be occur multipul time a day.  The patient  sometimes don't understand a pre -stroke because of little change. Pre-stroke's some understanding way - 


2.Sthort breathness. 

3.Chest pain. 

4.Arm and neck pain. 

5.Can't talk properly or uneven smile. 

Patient body language if shows above one or more problem immediately go to hospital and take treatment. Otherwise,This pre -stroke lead you a major stroke.

Early signs of stroke  

Stroke has some early signs. Focusing this signs a patient can remove alarming dangour and prevent a alarming stroke. Thats are - 

1.Sweating  too much. 

2.Toung become hard and waterless.   


4.Chest pain. 

5. Eye vision loss or change. 

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Stroke risk factors 

Risk factor fall you susceptible to stroke. ''The more risk factors you have, the more easily you are to have a stroke ".

Risk factors for stroke are- 

1.An unhealthy diet-


b. Saturated fats. 

c.Trans fats. 


2.Inactivity or lack of exercise. 

3.Alcohol consmption. 


5. Personal background  : 

There are some personal  risk factors for stroke. Which are can't control. This risk can be linked to your : 

a.Family history. 



d. Race and ethnicity. 

6.Health history : 

Some medical conditions are generally linked to stroke risk. This include : 

a.High blood pressure. 

b.Heart valve defects. 


d.Cickle cell disease. 

e.Mini-stroke, TIA or previous stroke. 

f.High cholesterol.

g.Coronary artery disease and other heart disease. 

h.Irragular heartbeat and enlarged heart chambers. 

To find out about risk factors for stroke take help from your doctor and talk about. 

For risk free life find out what you can do to dicrease your risk of stroke. 

Stroke test 

A stroke patient may go through various tests to find out  your stroke condition ; which place the stroke occur, why the stroke occur and  how can recovery this stroke. This test help your doctor understand if you have had a stroke. The stroke tests include :

1.Blood test. 

2.MRI and CT scan. 


4.Cerebral angiogram. 

5.Carotid ultrasound. 


1.Blood test :

Doctor take blood for several blood test. The test can determine a doctor by knowning - 

1.How promptly patient's blood clot. 

2.Patient's blood sugar levels.

3. Have any infection in blood. 

4.Platelet levels in blood. 

2.MRI and CT scan : 

1.MRI shows if any brain tissue or brain cells have been damaged. 

2.CT scan shows clear picture of brain and shows any bleeding or damage in brain. 

3.EKG(electrocardiogram) :

1.EKG test record electrical activity in the heart.

2.Measuring hearts rhymth record how first heartbeat occur.

3.Hearing heart beat and It's rymth. Doctor can understand is  it heart attack or atria fibrillation. 

4.Cerebral angiogram :

1.Cerebral shows details look of arteries of neck and brain. 

2.It shows blockage or clot that may occur stroke. 

5.Carotid ultrasound :   

1.carotid ultrasound shows have any fatty diposits (plaque) in carotid artery. 

2.This test shows have the crotid  arteries have been narrowed or blocked. 

6. Enchocardiogram : 

1.It can find sourses of clots in heart. 

2.Because this clot may have travelled to barin and cause a stroke. 

Stroke prevention  

A beautiful life style,  food habit and more good requarment  to lead a safe and sound life. If someone follow these rolls can prevent stroke. 

Stroke prevention include the following measures : 

1.Quit  smoking. 

2.Consume  alcohol in modaration. 

3.Get check-up  regularly. 

4.Keep weight down and take healthy food.

5.Stay tress free. 

Stroke recovery   

1.lifestyle change : Don't smoke and drink again. 

2.Stroke prevention  : Diet -healthy food. 

3.Speech therapy : Prevent speech Problem and talk again naturally. 

4.Physical therapy : For improve body muscle condition and getting out from paralysis. 

Stroke treatment and medicine    

The American Association give a speech . 

" time lost is brain lost "  . As soon as possible call 911 and inform your condition if you realise  that you may be having a stroke.

Ischemic stroke and TIA these two types of stroke are caused by a blood clot or blockage in the brain. For this reason these two types of stroke treated with similar techniques which include   :

1.Antiplatelet and anticoagulant : 

1.All over aspirin is often a first line of defence against stroke damage. 

Stroke medicine :

a.Aspirin : for remove mini- stroke.

b.TPA : use for treat ischemic stroke. 

c.Statin :which help dicrease high blood cholesterol level.  

d.Thrombolysis : "clot bruster medicine" it started as soon as possible after the stroke occur and within 4.5 hous

e. Thrombectomy : This removes blood clots  and helps restore blood flow to the brain. 

2. Anticuagulant and antiplatelet drugs should be taken with in 24 to 48 hours after stroke symptoms begin.   

2.Clot breaking drugs :

Tthombolytic drug can break up blood clot  in brain's  arteris. It still stop the stroke and reduce damage to the  brain. 

3.Mechanical thrombectomy :

This surgery is most successful if it’s performed 6 to 24 hours  after the stroke begining. 


Use for enlarge the narrowed artery and increase blood supply. 

5.Surgery :

When nother treatment don't work, this time the doctor may perform surgery to remove a blood clot and plaques from arteries.   

 Stroke treatment at home :  

A stroke never properly treat in home. Bit primarily some  kitchen  products  help remove a stroke. These are - 

1.Garlic : it prevents blood cloting and removing plaque.    

2. Turmeric : It help to low the cholesterol level and prevent blockage in artery.  

3. Ashwagandha :it has antioxidant properties that prevent  and can treat a stroke. 

If around of you no hospital and no hope to get treatment eat turmaric , garlic. It can help you relief from a dangerous stroke.  

Last words :

The person who is free from disease is the happiest person in the  world. But it is a matter of great sorrow that no one can say confidently "I have no disease ". 

But being concious and leading a healthy life a person can make defence against disease. 

Stroke is the major one in all disease. A huge number of people died from stroke every year. Stroke occur  because of our subconsciousness. Make efforts and giveing important in our health  we can protect a stroke.

By this article  you get  whole information about stroke. It helps you prevent a stroke before u being stroked,or if you are the victim of stroke- which treatment you need , how can y recovery,what are the medicine you need for stroke.these information are nicely arranged in this artical. Hope you being helpful  by read this article ,and wish you a stroke free life. 

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