Fast Adsense Approval Tricks For New Website - 100% Working Method

Fast Adsense Approval Tricks For New Website. Want to get proof in action How to get Google AdSense approval I will tell you the details in today's post. In today's post I will share all the information on how you can easily get AdSense approval on your new website. If you follow all the rules given in this post properly then you will get 100% approval.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising platform of Google. Google manages all of its advertising systems through this platform. Publishers work here by getting approval for Google AdSense and Google distributes advertisements to those publishers through Google AdSense.

Who can work in Google Adsense:

Anyone can work on Google Adsense. But to work with Google AdSense, you need to have a website or a YouTube channel or an app. There is no specification on this platform that one can work and no one can work.

Rules for getting Google AdSense on new websites:

Getting Fast Adsense Approval on a new website requires following some rules. If you do not comply with the rules of Google Adsense, you will never receive action approval.

If you want to get AdSense approval, follow the rules below to get AdSense approval:

Custom domain:

If you want to get AdSense approval on your website then you must buy a custom domain. Custom domain here means dot com, dot net, dot info etc.

In addition to these, there are many more custom domains of nature extensions. You can buy any domain you want for your website.

But if you use a free sub domain, you will never get approval from AdSense. You must use a custom domain.

Domain age:

Your domain's age must be at least six months to 1 year for action approval. However, many times with one month to two months or three months in the domain of this age and AdSense approval.

However, it is best to apply for AdSense after your domain is over six months old. In that case you will get approval from AdSense very soon.

Website Customization:

Before you can apply for AdSense Approval on your website, you must customize your website properly. Because if your website is not quality then you will never get AdSense approval.

Important Pages:

The website must have some important pages for AdSense approval. Countries are Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition, Contact, About Us.

Quality post and post number:

You need to post qualitatively on your website before requesting approval from AdSense. And at least you have to post more than 30. Each of your posts must be at least 1000 words. You will not get approval if you post in small size. So with time you have to write good quality posts.


It is best not to request AdSense approval until a visitor comes to your website. As a reason, I can say that even if you get approval from AdSense and your website does not have visitors, but there is no benefit with your AdSense.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup:

For AdSense approval, the website must be connected to Google Webmaster Tools. You can never submit your website to Google without connecting to Webmaster Tools. And if your website is not submitted to Google, then Google will never give you Adsense. So of course you need to setup Google Webmaster Tools from your website.

Sitemap created:

Creating a sitemap is a must for a website. If your website does not have a sitemap, then no post or page or category of your website will be indexed by Google. And if the post on your website is not from Google, then you will not get AdSense approval in any way.

If you do that, you will never get Adsense Approval:

  • Must post at least thirty on the website
  • Copy can never be posted on the website.
  • If you use copy paste then 100% of your request will be rejected.
  • Post in small size, your approval will be rejected. 


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