How many types of hosting and what are they?

How many types of hosting are available in the previous post we - ‘What is hosting? I learned about the use of hosting! ' Today we will know how many types of hosting and details about them. Let's get started then.

How many types of hosting and what are they?


In this system, one server [only one CPU / computer] is allowed to be used by many users (websites)! Shared hosting server is the most used in the world because of the low cost! The remaining 90% of the big professional sites in Bangladesh are on shared hosting! These servers are very slow because there are multiple websites connected!


When a large hosting server [a CPU / computer] is assigned to just one website, it is called a dedicated hosting server. Almost all major + professional sites use dedicated hosting. Since there are only 1 user or 1 website, these are very fast!


When a large hosting server is made up of a few separate servers that are divided into large parts through computer software, they are called VPS or virtual private servers. A website can use a VPS independently. Although unique, the VPS is usually slower than the dedicated server because the main server is one.


Cloud hosting is basically a new generation hosting service. It is made using the concept of cloud computing! Instead of having the files of a website saved on a specific hosting server, this system saves them on countless servers spread all over the world! All of these servers work together as a single server, connecting to a network and balancing the load of the server caused by browsing the website! As a result, cloud hosting is much faster than traditional web hosting servers.

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Because - when your site is on a normal hosting server, if 10 visitors visit with you, then the site files are shown to everyone from 1 server only or from some part of a server; This slows down the server loading. On the other hand, if you are on a cloud hosting server, your site files show 10 visitors from nearby different servers according to their location. For example: if visitors to your site enter from the United States; Then the visitor will see the file from a server located in the United States or a nearby country.

Managed Web Hosting:

Managed hosting can be any of the above types of web hosting servers. The specialty of this type of hosting service is that everything from server software, hardware setup, configuration to maintenance is under the supervision of the hosting company. It is called managed web hosting because the hosting company takes care of everything on behalf of the website owner.

Self-service web hosting:

The main difference between self-service web hosting and managed web hosting is that the hosting company does not do any work, server setup, software-hardware setup, configure, maintenance; Everything has to be done by the website authorities themselves.

Co-location web hosting:

Renting server space from a co-location center costs less than setting up a private server for your website at home or in the office, and bandwidth and spread are all available. This type of hosting is called co-location web hosting.

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Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is the best option for those who want to do low cost hosting business! Many people know about the wrestling business. Selling with a consignment of goods at a lower price than others is basically a reselling business. So, reselling is also possible in the hosting business.

You don't have to spend millions of rupees to buy a huge server and do business, you can spend only a few thousand rupees to resell server space abroad. And this reselling hosting can be shared, dedicated, VPS or any type of cloud. To be honest, no private company has its own hosting server in Bangladesh except the government server of BTRC. All the domain-hosting companies you see in Bangladesh resell from foreign companies.

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day! Let me tell you a funny story. Our hosting of this site is purchased from the reselling hosting of a Bangladeshi company; That is again shared and self-service web hosting.

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