Kawasaki disease Treatment: Its Symptoms and Diagnosis

Kawasaki disease treatment is the most important invention in medical science.  Kawasaki disease is also known as Kawasaki syndrome. Kawasaki disease was first discovered in Japan. Dr. Tamisaku Kawasaki diagnosed the disease in 1961 with a four-year-old boy at the Red Cross Hospital in Tokyo. Kawasaki disease is a disease that usually affects children under the age of 5. And it mainly affects the coronary arteries. It is basically an inflammation of the blood vessels. 

The first  of Kawasaki disease symptoms are high fever for more than 5 days. Moreover, after 1 week of the disease, other symptoms can be seen like swollen lymph nodes in neck, strawberry Tongue,  rash in genital area,  red eyes ( conjunctival infection), lip cracking and bleeding, redness of the palms of the hands and feet etc. The final symptoms are coronary artery disease which can be diagnosed by echocardiogram. Kawasaki disease is not something that the patient dies. In most cases the patient returns to his normal life.                                       


Kawasaki disease was first discovered in 1961 at the Red Cross Hospital in Tokyo. Dr. Tamisaku Kawasaki was the first to detect the disease in the body of a four-year-old boy. The child was admitted to the hospital with high fever and rash. Initially, Kawasaki disease was thought to be linked to heart problems. But in 1974, the connection between Kawasaki syndrome and coronary artery vasculities was recognized and established worldwide. 

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1. High fever:

The first symptoms of Kawasaki disease are high fever, which means 102 degrees Fahrenheit or more.Fever lasts 5 days or more.

2. Rash in genital area:

Rash appears on the body within 1 week of being infected. Rash is seen on the hands, legs and face. But rsah in genital area is the main symptom.                                                                             

3. Conjuctival infection:

Another symptom is conjunctival infection or redness of the eyes. 

4. Lip cracking and bleeding:

Lips turn red after 1 week. Then the lips start cracking and bleeding.

5. Strawberry Tongue:

Tongue may turn red like blood. Which called swollen tongue or strawberry toung.

6. Redness of the palms of the hands and feet:

The palms of hand and feet may turn red like blood clots. 

7. Swollen lymph nodes in nech:

Another symptom is swollen lymph nodes in neck or anywhere. Lymph nodes can be found at least 15mm in diameter .                  

8. Coronary Artery Disease:

At the final stage Kawasaki disease symptoms is dialation of the coronary arteries. Kawasaki attack the coronary artery vasculities.

It also causes headaches, vomiting, coughing and diarrhea  


Echocardiogram is the main way to diagnose Kawasaki disease. Coronary artery dialation can be found in echocardiogram.Doctors also do other tests to make sure, such as blood for CS, CRP, ECG, Ultrasound etc. 


The exact cause of Kawasaki disease is not yet known. Scientists have not been able to determine whether it is caused by a virus, bacterial or genetic.


Kawasaki disease treatment  is aspirin and immunoglobin. Aspirin is given in high doses for the first 1 week. Ivig treatment is very important in Kawasaki disease treatment. Ivig treatment helps to reduce the coronary artery problem. Patients with heart problems have to have a heart checkup for the rest of their lives.                                                                                                  

Kawasaki Disease treatment  is possible. Immunoglobulin therapy is the most effective therapy in Kawasaki disease treatment. The patient recovers quickly by taking the treatment at the right time. 


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