How To Make Money Without Making Videos on YouTube

Make Money Without Making Videos on YouTube, In today's post I will tell you how to make money without making videos on YouTube. Many people have already made many comments after watching this title. But if you have made your decision without reading this post completely, then it will be a wrong decision for you. If you read this post of mine completely then you will know how you can do your video on YouTube without it.

What are the details of YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing social media platform. There are some things that have not been videoed on YouTube. If you search on YouTube for any topic, you will find videos on that topic. Millions of content cricketers are creating videos on YouTube and we can find those videos by searching.

It can be done without making a video:

I answer your question differently. Since YouTube is a video sharing platform, you must have videos to work on this platform. Since it is not possible to work on this platform without video, we have to use some method and I will talk to you about it at home in this video.

How to make money on YouTube without making a video:

Many people are making money without making videos on YouTube. Now I will tell you, now I will tell you the details, so you must read this part well.

Many of us know that when we make videos we use some copyright free music as the background sound for our videos. Although we use this copyright free music in our background, the owner of that sound never gives us a copyright claim. Because he has already given us permission to use this music.

Many of us do not know what is copyright free music? Copyright free music is simply music that he has created and he has allowed everyone to use it for free.

Copyright free music video upload:

Now we will open a YouTube channel. There we will use these copyright free music for our video cricket. There are many channels like Music Library, Copyright free music etc who download these copyright free music and upload them to their channel. And since these videos are copyright free, if you download and upload, you will not get any copyright claim and you will get Adsense Approval effortlessly.

Uploads other copyrighted videos:

There are many more videos on YouTube that are copyright free. It could be a drama, it could be a movie or it could be a music video. Anything can happen. This means you can use any YouTube YouTube copyright free videos on your own channel.

Do you get AdSense?

Of course you will get approval in AdSense. There are many channels on YouTube that upload free copyrighted music videos and AdSense. If you want, you can search on YouTube.

Are these videos actually views?

Yes, of course these videos are views. These videos are more popular at night than other videos because copyright free things are trending. Almost everyone needs e-copyright free stuff. In some cases, these channels go to great lengths in just a few days and start to bank.


Of course some precautions have to be taken. You must give the people you are uploading videos a reuse attribute to your video. In other words, enter the information of the real owner in your video description box and write that the real owner of this video is Ini. In that case you will never get into any kind of complication because you have mentioned the real owner. 

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Last word:

If you thoroughly research all the above topics I have shown and work accordingly then you will definitely be able to make money without making videos on YouTube. You have to work hard. Videos need to be SEOed and posted regularly according to a good schedule.

It will take a long time for you to succeed if you act in a foolish way. So who has to upload the videos properly following all the rules. And in order to get more views, you have to share these videos a lot in the first stage. Because in the first case you may get a little less view, then you have to bring the target audience through sharing.

So hopefully you can make money using other people's copyright free music videos without making any kind of video.

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