Make money at home from Self Digital Business Platform!

Self Digital Platform is an ecommerce based platform. There are 32 features here, but 5 have been launched yet, the rest are slowly happening. The main function of Self is to serve the customer by bringing all the types of business online in one platform.

But the difference between self and other business is that the customer does not get any profit or income if he takes the service from somewhere else; But the customer gets profit for every service on the shelf. I mean, you will recharge your mobile, get money, do some shopping, get money, from all such features! Again, you can earn a large amount of money by referring another customer to the shelf.

Self Digital Platform currently has 3 types of accounts:

  1. Free customer account
  2. Servant Account
  3. Business account

How to earn?

The first two accounts are completely free. If you have a customer account, you can get commission bonus only if you take different services from the shelf, the amount is very low! And service providers sell their products or services. Last Business Account is basically for those who want to earn a good amount of money, it takes an account fee of 1000 rupees!

Those who have a business account, they can refer others, each business account gets a commission of 200 rupees for referrals, again up to 10 levels, that is, like network marketing! And up to 10 levels of referral commission can be earned from each service on the shelf! In other words, if someone you refer receives the service from the shelf, you will also get commission from it!

সেলফ ডিজিটাল বিজনেস প্ল্যাটফর্ম থেকে ঘরে বসে আয় করুন!

Features currently on the Self Digital platform are:

Mobile Recharge:

If you recharge your mobile from the shelf, you will get 1.25% cashback! Even if you don't have a business account, you can get it on a normal account. However, if you have a business account, you will get cashback on your recharge, and if someone referred by you recharges, you will also get up to 10 levels.

And if you do mobile recharge business with normal account, it is possible to make good income from development agents! Because if 1 lakh rupees is transacted in development, the agents get commission only 450 rupees! On the other hand, if you can do 1 lakh rupees transaction on the shelf, the income will be 2-2.5 thousand rupees.


Outlets are our daily necessities shops. You will get cashback / bonus if you buy something from the outlet attached to the shelf! Again, if you shop yourself, you can increase your sales by adding to the shelf! And if you want to get extra referral commission, you have to do business account.

Digital Payment: Selfie Development + has a digital payment system like Rocket! However, the advantage of this is that a lot of money is spent on transactions in bKash or Rocket. On the other hand, if you load money on the shelf, you get the opposite bonus / commission. And Self to Self Send Money-Cashout is completely free!

Bus Ticketing:

As many bus tickets are available online, they can also be taken through the shelf! Usually there is no benefit to you if you buy a bus ticket! But if you buy a bus ticket from the shelf, it also has cashback. And if you have a business account, you will get commission up to 10 levels from the tickets of the referees!

Ride Sharing:

Send, we don't have any profit if Uber takes a ride! But if you take a ride off the shelf, there is also cashback! And if you have a business account, you will also get commission from the rides shared by the referrers!

These features are currently running. The rest will be launched slowly, you will understand when you go to the site!

Create your own account on Selfie Digital Platform:

Site link: Self Digital Business

Referrer ID: 210490

Create your own account on Selfie Digital Platform

Give your mobile number to get OTP code at the beginning.

Create your own account on Selfie Digital Platform Caption

Then complete the sign up with OTP, name, password, referrer ID, email, NID number.

When making an account, make an account with your mobile number. Give all the info properly. And replace the referrer ID with the above referrer ID [210490]. Do a free account first. Then you will add 1000 rupees to the costing fund through bKash. If there is no development, you can take money from any other self user! Apart from this, if you buy a self-voucher of Tk 2,000 through a bank as a pay-out balance, you will get a bonus of Tk 20. Then you can take that money to the costing fund and open a business account with them.

You can withdraw your investment by referring only 5 people. Then you can see that you are getting 300-500 rupees automatic income every day from those 5 people. Because they will also refer their friends, you will also get commission from there. In this way you will get auto commission up to 10 levels. In addition to this, if you do business with mobile recharge and digital payment in mind, you will easily get an income of 10-15 thousand rupees per month. And if you can build a fairly good team, I hope you can build a bright career through the shelf.

Take a look at the detailed site with other features of the shelf, commission structure, various offer-bonuses, gifts, etc. If you don't understand anything, let us know, I will explain. Thanks.

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Sheikh Sahin - Sep 27, 2020, 4:58 AM - Add Reply

bhai koto tuko time laaglo ei content ta likhte?? (I'm also a business member of Self Tech Group)

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