YouTube Monetization Terms and Details Discussed

YouTube Monetization Terms and Details discuss in detail in today's post. Monetization is a very difficult thing to find. If you want to get monetization of your YouTube channel then you have to follow some rules. If you do not follow the rules, you will never get YouTube monetization.

We often say YouTube monetization is a golden deer. So if we want to get YouTube monetization, we must work according to all the rules and regulations of YouTube. Only then will we get YouTube monetization.

What is YouTube Monetization?

Simply put, YouTube monetization is a medium of YouTube. Hey, it was published in a YouTube video by Google. Only those who have this monetization show Google's ad on their YouTube channel.

Who gets YouTube monetization and for whom?

This platform is for everyone. Anyone can work here if you want, but you must have a YouTube channel to work with YouTube monetization. If you have a YouTube channel, you can definitely work with YouTube Monetization.

YouTube Monetization Terms & All Condition:

There are certain conditions for getting monetization that if you don't follow, you will never get approval. Today I will set out those terms or conditions,

1000 subscribers:

  The first condition for monetization is that your channel must have 1000 subscribers. If your channel has more than one thousand subscribers then no problem, at least your channel should have 1000 subscribers. Suppose you have 999 subscribers to your channel then you will not get monetization. Whenever your 1000 subscribers are full, they will automatically apply for your monetization.

4000 hours watch time:

You can never apply for monetization unless you have 4000 hours of watch time on your channel. You must have at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last one year to apply. That means you have to have 4000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel in the last 365 days.

Many of us do not understand what 4000 hours of watch time means in the last one year.

Suppose the last 365 days of watch time you get is your estimated watch time. But whenever you go from 365 days to 366 days, the first day of all of you will be left out. In this way one day will pass and the watch time of the last day will be cut off.

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Copyright free video and community guidelines:

  You must have your youtube channel fresh. This means that your channel will not have any copyrighted videos or that your channel will not have any kind of community guideline strikes. So copyrighted videos cannot be uploaded and no community guidelines can be broken.


Hopefully, if you follow all the YouTube Monetization Terms, you will easily get YouTube monetization. However, if you break any kind of rule, you will not get monetization. So you have to follow all the guidelines of YouTube.

YouTube never disapproves anyone's channel if it adheres to the terms of YouTube monetization. So all of us who want to work with YouTube Monetization or YouTube Channel will follow all kinds of YouTube Community Guidelines. Then you can easily get YouTube monetization.

Last but not least, YouTube uses all the latest technology in their work. So if you never cheat with youtube then you can never take your youtube channel forward. Monetization of your YouTube channel can be disabled at any time. So work from the beginning in a legal way and you will definitely get monetization and from there you will be able to make a profit.

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